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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shoplifting suspect stopped leaving Victoria's Secret store with dead baby in her bag

When security officials stopped two 17-year-old girls on suspicion of stealing from a Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan, they found something much more sinister in their bags. 
The two girls were stopped leaving the Victoria's Secret store on Broadway near Sixth Avenue in Manhattan's Midtown around 1:30 when a security guard caught them stealing undergarments. 
But when they looked in the bag they made a gruesome discovery.

At the bottom of a black shopping bag, the security guards found a dead male fetus swaddled in some clothes. 
One of the girls claimed to have given birth to the baby the day before. 
That girl, a Brooklyn resident, was taken to Bellevue hospital for treatment.

The other teen was taken to the police precinct station house for questioning, sources told the New York Daily News
Charges for both women are pending. 
The investigation is ongoing and the city's Medical Examiner is set to conduct an autopsy to see how the boy died. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2465484/Dead-baby-bag-teen-shoplifting-suspect-stopped-leaving-Victorias-Secret-store.html#ixzz2iD5g067o
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Man gets pen!s stuck in toaster

An unidentified London man is nursing his knob after firefighters had to extract his penis from a toaster. It's unclear how the gentleman got it in there, but London's bravest were there to butter his bread, The Mirror reports.

Jokes aside, London appears to have a penis problem. MSN reports that firefighters in the area have dealt with too many lodged members over the past three years.

"I don't know whether it's the 'Fifty Shades' effect, but the number of incidents involving items like handcuffs seems to have gone up," London firefighter Dave Brown said.

Firefighters didn't say when the incident occurred, but they released the story in an attempt to stop people from having sex with their appliances -- or getting into other kinds of embarrassing trouble that diverts resources from emergency services.

According to The Mirror, crews have responded to:

In the last three years the capital’s fire crews have been called out to:
18 incidents involving children with their heads stuck in potties or toilet seats.
Five incidents involving people’s hands being stuck in shredders.
79 incidents involving people being trapped in handcuffs.
Nine instances of men with rings stuck on their penises.
Four incidents where people had their hands stuck in blenders.
17 incidents involving children with their fingers stuck in toys, including one with Lego stuck on his finger.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The 20 Worst Platinum Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time?!

20. Foxy Brown - Chyna Doll [Def Jam/1999]
Lead Single: "Hot Spot"
Def Jam's anointed queen was destined to have automatic commercial success at any cost, yet and still, Chyna Doll didn't move too many heads to buy into her shenanigans in the near future. Which is a shame because the follow-up, Broken Silencewas the best album of her career.

19. Jadakiss - Kiss Of Death [Ruff Ryders/2002]
Lead Single: "Times Up"
Yeah, so what Mr. Muah asked a few prolific questions that got the Pentagon a little aroused. It doesn't change the fact that he spent the rest of the LP trying to be superthug to every generic situation under the sun. When's the last time you heard "Time's Up," "Hot Sauce To Go" or "Gettin' It In" on SHADE 45? Answer: Not Never!

18. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV [Young Money/2011]
Lead Single: "6 Foot, 7 Foot"
The C4 bashing on TSS is still warm from the microwave, but boo-f**kin'-hoo. It's 2012 and championing celebrity status over unique talent is why commercial media for Hip-Hop is so boring and predictable.

17. Fat Joe - Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.) [Atlantic/2001]
Lead Single: "We Thuggin'"
Imagine the puzzlement Fat Joe experienced when he struck a million sales by dropping a couple wack songs with R. Kelly and Murder Inc. after years of performing critical beatdowns in his traditional style. Well, this project hasn't aged well because those songs aren't hits anymore and chasing the shiny record has only hurt The Don. He's been making the same album since 2001.

15. Method Man - Tical 2000: Judgement Day [Def Jam/2000]
Lead Single: "Judgement Day"
The curious of case of Method Man is one that a week long special of Unsolved Mysteries couldn't crack. Even with all the talent displayed on the various Wu-Tang albums and Biggie's "The What," it never transferred to a solo release. Sure, the 28-track Tical 2000 sold off of namesake but no one's ever been in a greatest album discussion where it was brought up. Not even one where Method Man was standing there.

14. 50 Cent - The Massacre [G-Unit/2005]
Lead Single: "Disco Inferno"
Coming off the hysteria of Get Rich Or Die Tryin', 50 probably could have sold a blank disc. Truth be told, The Massacre would have benefited from having a chunk of the records erased from the master copy all the same. Too concerned with marketing strategies instead of making forceful music, 50 scanned tons of units but continued to grow disconnected from the rap world.

13. 50 Cent - Curtis [G-Unit/2007]
Lead Single: "Straight To The Bank" "Amusement Park" "I Get Money"
September 11, 2007 was an unforgettable day in Hip-Hop history. Nearly a million brainwashed fans marched out to purchase an album that probably wouldn't have graced their radar had there not been a ballyhooed sales battle with Kanye West. 50 had been delaying the album until he found the right club hit but he found a better way to get money by putting on a circus for Billboard.

12. Ja Rule - The Last Temptation [Murda Inc/2002]
Lead Single: "Thug Lovin'"
Give Ja credit for predicting the waning moments of his career. His fourth album was the last time the public would be tempted to give him a platinum plaque, thanks to his beef with another guy who isn't exempt from this list. As for the music, the leather-soft "Mesmerize" and hiring the "king of R&B," Bobby Brown, did him no favors in the long run.

11. 2Pac - Loyal To The Game [Interscope/2004]
Lead Single: "Thugs Get Lonely Too"
By 2004, the Hip-Hop community was all Pac'd out on posthumous albums with a half dozen already on the market. So of course they released another one. Jimmy Iovine's camp took full advantage of Aftermath's ongoing popularity as G-Unit, Obie Trice and executive (and lead) producer, Eminem perverted the hell out of some old recordings. They should have named this one Disloyalty To The Legacy.

10. Ying Yang Twins - U.nited S.tate Of A.tlanta [TVT/2005]
Lead Single: "Wait (The Whisper Song)"
It's a triumph that the Ying Yang Twins extended their 15 minutes of fame into years of smattering the charts with various hot songs. But you knew the cash-in was coming and the ATLiens made it rain with a very random guest list from Adam Levine to Pitbull, to Bun B and Free from 106 & Park. Subsequently, the people had finally heard enough "Hannnh's." Their next album only sold a 10th of this.

9. Will Smith - Willennium [Columbia/2000]
Lead Single: "Will 2K"
When Will Smith had a great movie (Men in Black) in his pocket going into creating an album (Big Willie Style), he made a project littered with hits. When he was coming off a Razzie in the Wild, Wild West, he made this. Any questions?

8. Dr. Dre - Dr. Dre Presents...The Aftermath [Aftermath/1996]
Lead Single: "Been There, Done That"
The Good Doctor definitely had the last laugh in his battle with Death Row but it sure did take a little rebuilding. He f**ked us up by doing the tango and cashing in with a disjointed compilation that rarely gets brought up when his legacy is being glorified.

7. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Tha Doggfather [Death Row Records/1996]
Lead Single: "Snoop's Upside Ya Head"
If you looked up "sophomore slump" in Webster's, you're liable to see a permed-out Snoop Dogg in a fedora, looking like he missed all of his friends. Even with all the turmoil the house Suge built was enduring at the time, it was still hard to believe that this was the same guy who made Doggystyle. If you let Snoop's actions dictate his opinion on the album after its release, Tha Doggfather never happened.

6. Redman - Doc's Da Name 2000 [Def Jam/1998]
Lead Single: "I'll Bee Dat"
After three consecutive albums that boasted originality and put him on rap's A-list, Reggie Noble finally cracked the platinum ceiling with the bloated, Doc's Da Name 2000. The honor is largely credited to the hilarious video/single combo of "I'll Bee Dat," as most of the album featured an unusual amount of silliness -- even for Redman -- and half-baked beats. Sometimes you just can't have the best of both worlds.

5. Soulja Boy - Souljaboytellem.com [Collipark/2007]
Lead Single: "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)"
Look at y'all. These days, you can't speak on Soulja Boy without a hundred derogatory statements following his name. But when was he was talking about giving chicks sperm capes, he got a pass because he was a kid, thus opening the door for even more swag drones to clog up the airwaves. Tsk tsk, Hip-Hop. Tsk tsk.

4. Chingy - Powerballin' [Capitol/2004]
Lead Single: "Balla Baby"
What needs to be said that this album cover already isn't yelling to your eyeballs? Approximately three million cornballs looked at that CD, smiled, walked it to the register and offered up a crisp Andrew Jackson. It doesn't get more tragic than this.

3. Nas - Nastradamas [Columbia/1999]
Lead Single: "Nastradamas"
No matter how many times he throws a 'Matic at the end of an album title, Nasty Nasir will never be able to live this one down. If the false prophet who recorded this album would have told his '94 version that he would soon juggle gigolo fantasies with demands of 40 acres and a mule, he would have cracked a bottle across his face. And then wondered why he didn't have change to buy a lottery ticket.

2. Jay-Z & R. Kelly - Unfinished Business [Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam/Rockland/Jive/2004]
Lead Single: "Big Chips"
While the initial Best of Both Worlds was a solid enough effort only to be marred by R. Kelly's (alleged) private home activities, the sequel just showed the hottest rapper & R&B star just didn't give a damn about their fans. It's good to know all their business was "finished" shortly after this heehaw to the bank.

1. Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme [SBK/1990]
Lead Single: "Play That Funky Music"
If you were to tell me that "Ice Ice Baby" went 15x platinum, it wouldn't be a shocker, seeing that it's a globally renown example of what a one-hit wonder should sound like. But the entire album, though? Back when people used to buy singles? The album's title isn't even a household name in pop culture history nor would it be a simple task to find someone who can name you any of his other albums. When horseshit is used to analyze buyer trends, they're not putting the bloomed roses out on the market for your perusal. As with everything else, be smart with your money when it comes to supporting artists.

Read more: http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2012/01/the-20-worst-platinum-hip-hop-albums-of-all-time#ixzz2hBaCvqC7


Saturday, September 21, 2013

DMX Says He Has Only $50 To His Name

In court filings for his bankruptcy case, DMX says that he has no money in the bank.

DMX says that he has $50 to his name and no money in the bank, as per court filings in his bankruptcy case, according to a story on The Wall Street Journal's website. The rapper also says he has expenses that exceed his monthly income, the story says.

The court documents show DMXs estimated monthly income is $5,000 and that he has monthly expenses of $5,221, which include $1,000 on clothing and $500 on laundry and dry cleaning, as per wsj.com.

DMX says that the $1.4 million of assets in his name are tied to ongoing litigation, among other things, the story says.

The man born Earl Simmons also says under penalty of perjury that he has no personal property of any value, including no electronic equipment, no jewelry, no clothes and no cars, as per wsj.com.

The former Def Jam Recordings artist has several debts, as per the wsj.com. Among them are more than $1 million in unpaid domestic-support obligations that lead, in part, to his July filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, the story says. DMX also owes unsecured creditors more than $475,000 and has a mortgage of more than $450,000 on a property in Mount Kisco, New York, according to wsj.com.

DMXs bankruptcy case is scheduled for an October 8 case conference at the White Plains, New York, bankruptcy court, according to the wsj.com.

In July, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Yonkers, New York artist filed documents in Manhattan court stating that he has $50,000 in assets, while owing between $1 and $10 million in debts. DMX told authorities at the time that he filed for Chapter 11 to enable me to reorganize my financial affairs.

DMX's debts include more than $1 million in child support and more than $20,000 in automobile lease payments.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Company Releases "Ghetto Tracker" App to Point Out Unsafe Areas

An app company stirred up some drama when it released a new app formerly titled "Ghetto Tracker," which is meant to identify unsafe areas to help people avoid them. However, after massive outrage over the app's name, the company switched the title within 24 hours, to "Good Part of Town."
The app apparently rates the level of safety within various areas, and according to The Week, the app was originally launched with a homepage showing a smiling white family of four, as the app offered to show its users, "which parts of town are safe and which ones are ghetto, or unsafe."  Along with the name change, it also shows a diverse family on the homepage to dial down the cries of racism.
How do you feel about this new "Ghetto Tracker" app? 
Source: bossip.com

Lamar Odom's Crack Dealer Cut Him Off

The depths of Lamar Odom's supposed difficulties with substance abuse reached such a level that his drug dealer cut him off, TMZ reports.

Sources connected with the dealer told the gossip site that Lamar's addiction became so extreme over the summer that the dealer cut the NBA star off, fearing that Odom would overdose and authorities would come after the source of his drug supply.

Another report from TMZ claims Odom paid $800 a day for his drug fixes, and sometimes up to $1,000.

According to the site, the cut-off came last week. On Wednesday, the Queens-born athlete checked into a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addiction, but left the center just one day later.

The short time in the facility seems to have done Odom good. A witness told E! News that Odom looked cheerful and "upbeat" on Friday while dining at Japanese eatery Octopus.

The insider said that the 33-year-old baller sported his wedding ring as he supped on miso soup and tea, and was "very nice and polite" to fellow diners.

Wife Khloe Kardashian did not accompany him to the restaurant. On Friday night, the reality star posted a selfie to Instagram with the cryptic caption "White Noise." Kardashian is reportedly struggling as her husband battles his demons.

"She is just exhausted," a source told Us Weekly. "She doesn't think he went to rehab…I don't think anyone knows where he is at this point."

British Woman Gets Hospitalized for Migraines, Wakes Up with Chinese Accent

Sarah Colwill, a 38-year-old woman from the United Kingdom, was rushed to a hospital after suffering from a severe migraine. However, when she woke up, her local Plymouth accent had disappeared, leaving her sounding Chinese. She was diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare condition with no clear cause.

"It's just been such a horrible thing to go through," Colwill says teary-eyed in the opening scenes of the documentary. "You don't even know who you are anymore...It's like you're trapped inside yourself." 

Certain scenarios explored in the documentary make the condition seem near comical: Colwill's asked to say "chopsticks" by her speech therapist, the pressure she receives to order fried-rice at a restaurant and the necessity of avoiding certain phrases.

Friday, August 23, 2013

@mralpete Hustlin' feat. Darrell Stevenson

Woman Swallows Tapeworm To Lose Weight; Tells Doctor She Bought It On The Internet

If you think juice cleanses are extreme, check out this misguided diet.

An Iowa woman recently told her doctor that she bought a tapeworm on the Internet and ingested it in an attempt to lose weight. The doctor was apparently so stumped by the patient's bad decision that he had to call the state health department for guidance.

The agency told the doctor to have his patient de-wormed by way of some special medication that kills the parasite. Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, medical director at the Iowa Department of Public Health, recounted the incident in an e-mail to public-health workers Thursday.

“Ingesting tapeworms is extremely risky and can cause a wide range of undesirable side effects, including rare deaths,” Quinlisk wrote, according to the Des Moines Register. “Those desiring to lose weight are advised to stick with proven weight loss methods; consuming fewer calories and increasing physical activity.”

Tapeworms are parasites that can afflict humans who eat undercooked meat. "One tapeworm can't absorb enough food and nutrients to make a big difference in weight... the parasite can cause anemia and malnutrition," USA Today noted.

According to i09, other symptoms of tapeworm infestation include having pieces of them stick out of your mouth after a cesarean section, followed by a "burning sensation" after you pull the four-foot long sucker out.

Pastor BANS Weaves From Congregation Says They Promote LOW Self-Esteem

Pastor A.J. Aamir of Resurrecting Faith in Waco, Texas believes if it didn’t grow from your scalp, it doesn’t belong there.

Aamir told American Preachers that he instructed his female staff to stop wearing weave because “our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying.”

Yep, he said it: Grow what the Savior gave ya and leave Black Beauty alone! He also admits that he cannot legally ban weaves, but still does not approve of them.

“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not In their heads” he said. “I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. “Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. No. I will not be quiet about this.”

But should he?

Veronica Wells at Madame Noire thinks Aamir should stick to preaching the Gospel and keep his hair tips to himself writing, “wearing weaves doesn’t equate low self-esteem or a person’s mind is inherently shallow or lacks substance, no more than it means a woman who wears her own hair or is natural is somehow enlightened.”

Over at Clutch Magazine, they had this to say: “While I sympathize with his concern about his parishioners’ financial struggles, I wonder if the good pastor is equally outspoken on truly important issues like safe sex, education, HIV testing, and political involvement.”

After taking a look a several online forums and comments sections of Black news sites, it seems like this topis is evoking a lot of emotional responses. I guess the pastor has forgotten one of the main rules in the Black community: Don’t talk smack about a Sistah’s hair!


7:48 AM PT -- Cops have finally obtained a warrant and entered the bus ... and immediately placed several passengers under arrest for "interfering with police process" for locking the cops out of the bus.

We asked cops if 2 Chainz was one of the people on the bus -- to which we were told cops are not sure, but we're told the bus is "connected" to the rapper. 

A tour bus connected to Lil Wayne's concert tour has been pulled over in Oklahoma and cops suspect there are drugs on board ... but the passengers have locked themselves inside and REFUSE to cooperate, TMZ has learned. 

Law enforcement tells us ... the bus was pulled over around midnight because its taillights were out. And when officers approached the vehicle, they noticed signs of drug use and wanted to board the bus. 

But the driver told cops he wasn't letting 'em on ... and locked the door ... and told cops they had to get a search warrant before he would unlock the doors. 

It's unclear who's on the bus -- but we're told Wayne and T.I. (also on the tour) had left the city on private jets before the incident. 2 Chainz is also part of the tour -- but no word if he's on the bus. 

Cops eventually towed the bus (with the people inside) to a nearby police training facility ... while they wait for a judge to issue a warrant. 

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/08/22/tour-bus-rapper-standoff-2-chainz-lil-wayne-ti-drugs-oklahoma/#ixzz2cqlqIDjH 
Visit Fishwrapper: http://www.fishwrapper.com

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"Chemtrails" by ND 20/20 (Northstar and D.A.R.Y.L.) @dir. by @NOTSUCAL

Chemtrails by ND 20/20 (Northstar and D.A.R.Y.L.) from the much anticipated album "Blood, Sweat, and Beers"...... directed by Notsucal

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NYPD Confiscates Hundreds Of Guns After Rapper Brags On Instagram

Just when you thought you had the free will to post on social media

NYPD seized hundreds of firearms claiming it as the biggest bust due to Instagram.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that undercover cops seized a large amount of assault weapons including machine guns, rifles and hand guns.

A joint sting between the NYPD, Manhattan Disrict Attorneys Office and office of Special Narcotics Prosecutor netted 19 members of a gun-trafficking ring that stretched all the way down to the Carolinas, according to the mayor. Half of the weapons came from those Southern states, he said.

There is no doubt that the seizure of these guns the largest bust in the citys history has saved lives, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a press conference at NYPD headquarters Monday morning. For that reason, every New Yorker in every part of our city, owes a debt of thanks to all those involved in this investigation.

Investigators noted that the firearms came from North Carolina and South Carolina. The gunrunners were able to sell the firearms to undercover cops which was soon sent to Brooklyn.

Evidence came from a rappers photos of guns and cash on Instagram and YouTube. The rapper was located in a recording studio above a Bed-Stuy restaurant when he posted the images. The bust accumilated 254 firearms.

Sheesh this should be a lesson to all social media users, be careful what you post, the feds are always watching.

Scott Storch Robbed At Gunpoint

Scott Storch, the world famous hip hop producer, responsible for hits from artists as varied as P!nk and 50 Cent, is in town for the taping of MTVs VMAs. Last night though, he had an unfortunate run-in with robbers that most certainly put a damper on the celebratory mood of his visit.

TMZ reports that Storch was waiting to leave New York Palace Hotel where he was staying in a SUV, when two gunmen approached the vehicle. Give us all your jewelry and cash or youre dead, they demanded. Fearing for his life, the producer complied. He gave them a briefcase with reportedly $4k to $5k in cash and jewelry. The robbers took the SUVs keys, to make sure Storch couldn't drive away.

Hopefully Storch will be able to recover the money that he lost, but the traumatic event may be hard for him shake. His life was threatened, and we hope that he wont be negatively affected by this incident.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chris Brown's Seizure Result Of "Extreme Emotional Stress" & Negativity

Chris Brown reportedly suffered a seizure around 1 a.m. on Friday, August 9, and more details are starting emerge, sort of. According to the R&B crooner's reps, the seizure was the result of the media and all his haters.  TMZ reports: Chris Brown's seizure Friday was triggered by a giant pain in his ass -- aka the media and lawyers. TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. City Fire Dept. rushed to a recording studio just after 1 AM after someone called 911 and said CB suffered a seizure​. When EMT's arrived CB refused treatment. Chris' rep says the seizure was triggered by "intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity." The good news ... the rep says the seizure was nonepileptic -- it's called a NES. TMZ -- sometimes we trigger seizures. Was the weed not working? Couldn't have Breezy just logged off the Internets? Someone call "more people." Today (August 10), Brown tweeted, "They won't love u until u r a memory..." - See more at: http://hiphopwired.com/2013/08/10/chris-browns-seizure-result-of-extreme-emotional-stress-negativity/#sthash.t9vcpLNi.dpuf

Police capture suspect hiding gun in his buttocks after shooting.

A South Lawndale man was arrested early Thursday for firing three gunshots into the air in Irving Park after police officers found him trying to hide his gun in his pants, according to court records.

Police officers responded to a call of shots fired at 4300 block of North Pulaski Avenue. There, witnesses told them they saw an altercation between six men, which ended after one fired two rounds of bullets into the air, pointing eastbound on Montrose Avenue, the police report said.

Marco Alvarado, 20, of the 2400 block of South Spaulding Avenue, was charged with multiple felony weapons discharge and possession violations.

Police found Alvarado, who has a tattoo of the word "Kreepy" on his left shoulder, and another man reclining in a black car in a parking lot near the site of the altercation, according to court records, with two open beer cans between them.

When police approached, Alvarado held his hands behind his back, the police report said, and refused to remove them when asked to.

He also swayed from left to right "in a rapid fashion," the report said. When officers told Alvarado they planned to take him into custody for traffic violations, he allegedly stated, "I'm going to be real with you, I have the gun in my ass."

Officers found his gun stuffed down the backside of his pants, between his buttocks, according to court records.

After being brought into custody, Alvarado told police officers he fired the shots into the air to protect his friend, who was being attacked by others. Alvarado was brought to the Cook County Criminal Courthouse on Thursday afternoon and held on $20,000 bond